With So Many Free Auto Safety Tips Out There, How Come North Carolina Car and Truck Accident Rates Are Still So High?

March 19, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Victims in North Carolina truck accident cases are often astonished by the diversity of the responsible driver’s negligence.

In many accidents, stuff “goes wrong” on many levels, setting off catastrophic scenarios. For instance, perhaps the trucker who hit you logged way too many hours (no no #1). Then he compensated by downing over-the-counter legal speed or 10 bottles of Mountain Dew (no no #2). When these amphetamines wore off, he veered out of his lane into your car (no no #3). Finally, he lied to the investigating police officer afterwards (no no #4).

In any event, it is truly astonishing how many bad drivers populate North Carolina’s freeways and surface streets. We all have access to inspired, clearly written, and innovative safe driving tips via the web. On this blog alone, we’ve talked about dozens of strategies for how to reduce your likelihood of getting hurt on the road. If you do even cursory internet research, you can put your high school driving teacher to shame.

So why don’t people retain this safety information?

Or, if they do retain it, why don’t they practice the good safety habits they know?

These two questions are penetrating. They speak to a bigger problem that we have in our information overloaded society. We have access to lots of information — good, useful, powerful information — but our ability to process that knowledge and implement it often lags.

A Quick Fix?

Rather than stress yourself out trying to “figure out what to do,” focus on finding good people to help you achieve your goals. As an accident victim, you must complete various. Although technically, you could try to fix your car yourself, heal your bruises at home with icepacks and homeopathic remedies (or whatever) and fight your own car accident case, why would you do those things?

It’s far better to find a competent doctor, mechanic, and law firm to tackle these projects for you.

To that end, please consider calling the DeMayo Law team today at 1.877.529.1222 to set up your free consultation with us.


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