April 2010

Charlotte, North Carolina Bus Accident Involving Pickup Truck Injures Six Students and Two Adults

April 29, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Six elementary school students and two adults were transported to local hospitals on Monday when they were involved in a North Charlotte school bus crash. A pickup truck reportedly struck CMS Bus 1118, which was stopped at a red light at around 8:45am at Gibbon and Nevin Road before hitting a car. The school bus driver and the pickup truck driver are the two adults who were injured. The car’s driver did not appear hurt.

North Carolina School Bus Accidents

If your son or daughter was injured in a North Carolina school bus accident, it is a good idea to consult with a Charlotte injury lawyer right away. In some cases, the negligent motorist will be the bus driver. In other bus crash cases, the negligent party may be another motorist.

Because most school buses are not equipped with safety belts, students are at risk of serious injury during a bus collision. Passengers can suffer serious neck injuries, back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries when thrown forward during a rear-end crash or from striking their heads on the roof of the school bus during a rollover crash.

In addition to watching out for careless motorist, bus drivers must drive carefully refrain from speeding, distracted driving, talking on the cell phone, driving under the influence, texting, and disregarding North Carolina traffic laws. They must also watch out for school kids walking to and from school and other pedestrians.

Charlotte NC bus accident: Pickup truck smashed into school bus, 8 injured, Justice News Flash, April 28, 2010

School bus collision injures six students, Charlotte Observer, April 26, 2010

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North Carolina Car Accident Law Firm and Former Winston-Salem TV Anchor Join Forces to Combat Drunk Driving Among Teen Drivers

April 22, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP and former WXII-TV morning anchor Tolly Carr are proud to present “Arrive Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive.” Our Charlotte, North Carolina motor vehicle crash law firm is bringing this community outreach program to area high schools next week as part of our ongoing efforts to prevent drunk driving among teenagers.

Since its inception by our Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury law firm in 2003, the Arrive Alive program has focused on high school juniors and seniors who are old enough to drive while still young enough to succumb to the pressures of underage drinking and driving—especially during prom, spring break, and graduation.

Arrive Alive will take place at the following locations during the times listed below:

Monday, 4/26: 9:30 a.m. at Charlotte Catholic High School in Charlotte
Tuesday, 4/27: 9:30 a.m. at West Caldwell High School in Lenoir
Wednesday, 4/28: 8:25 a.m. & 10:10 a.m. at Porter Ridge High School in Indian Trail
Thursday, 4/29: 9:00 a.m. at West Iredell High School in Statesville
Thursday, 4/29: 2:00 p.m. at Piedmont High School in Monroe
Friday, 4/30: 9:00 a.m. at David Butler High School in Matthews

Former Winston-Salem news anchor Tolly Carr will be the guest speaker. In March 2007, Carr drove drunk and killed a pedestrian. He served four months in county jail before being sentenced to 25 months at the North Carolina Department of Correction for the felony charge of death by motor vehicle. Since being released from prison in May 2009, Carr, who now lives in Greensboro, continues to speak to groups about his experiences in an effort to promote responsible decision making.

Also at each presentation, Charlotte, North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Michael A. DeMayo will share real life stories and images of fatal drunk driving collisions, including those that have claimed the lives of teenagers. Attorney DeMayo and his North Carolina personal injury law firm firmly believe that it is important to educate teenagers about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Each year, the Michael A. DeMayo Scholarship program awards $37,500 in college scholarships to 15 graduating seniors for their academic achievements, community service, and respective presentations about how to educate and stop teenagers from driving drunk.

For more information about Arrive Alive, contact Community Relations Director Kristine Woolley at (704) 343-4644 or send her an email at kwoolley@demayolaw.com.

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Hit and Run North Carolina Car Crash Injures Two 12-Year-Old Go-Kart Riders in Kannapolis

April 21, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Two 12-year-old boys who were riding go-karts sustained serious injuries earlier this month during a hit-and-run Kannapolis car accident. The boys, Kyle Graham and Weston Edwards got hurt when they were hit by a van that then left the North Carolina car crash site.

The van’s driver, James Ray Johnson, was apprehended and charged with felony hit and run and for driving without a driver’s license. Neighbors say that the 60-year-old, who has been experiencing medical issues, should not have behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Injuries sustained during a car crash may require costly medical care and rehabilitation services. Depending on the seriousness of your North Carolina car crash injuries, the victim may require long-term, specialized care and other costly services.

Examples of serious car crash injuries:

• Broken bones
• Head injuries
• Back injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Severed limbs
• Burn injuries
• Internal injuries
• Cuts
• Contusions
• Lacerations
• Facial injuries
• Disfigurement

Kids are especially prone to serious injuries that can cause disability and disfigurement. Our Charlotte, North Carolina injuries to minor lawyers know how upsetting it can be to see your child in pain. We help many our clients navigate the tough road they must go through to get their son or daughter what they need to recover or live as normal a life as possible following a catastrophic traffic accident.

North Carolina Car Accident Lawsuits Involving Hit and Run Accidents
It is a motorist’s responsibility to report an injury accident that he/she was involved in. Doing so can save lives when there are serious injuries involved. Not only is hit and run driving against the law, but it can also be grounds for a North Carolina injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people are the victims of hit and run car crashes each year.

Go Kart Hit & Run, FoxCharlotte.com, April 7, 2010

Boy in go-kart accident goes home, 1 still hospitalized, WAFB, April 7, 2010

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$1,975,000 North Carolina Truck Crash Verdict Awarded to 71-Year-old Victim

April 15, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

A jury has awarded $1,975,000 to Ann Propst Stoffel for the serious injuries she sustained during a North Carolina truck crash on May 21, 2008. Stoffel is 71.

The catastrophic truck collision happened on NC 62 as FedEx trucker Christopher Adam West attempted to turn left onto Old Glencoe Road. His truck crashed head-on into Stoffel’s 1996 Chrysler minivan. Stoffel’s 88-year-old mother-in-law Virginia was killed in the collision.

Following the Alamance County, North Carolina truck crash, Stoffel has had to two surgeries. She may have had to undergo more in the future.

Stoffel sued FedEx and West. During the North Carolina personal injury trial, the defendants admitted that West was negligent. However, they argued that the amount that the plaintiff’s attorney was seeking—more than $3 million—was unreasonable. The jury, whose job was to decide how much Stoffel should receive, deliberated for about 90 minutes before arriving at their unanimous verdict.

Virginia Stoffel’s family had sought North Carolina wrongful death damages. A settlement was reached last year through mediation.

Common causes of North Carolina truck crashes:

• Distracted driving
• Failure to obey traffic laws and/or signals
• Drunk driving
• Speeding
• Truck defects
• Faulty maintenance
• Drowsy driving
• Text messaging
• Cell phone conversations
• Driver fatigue
• Overmedication
• Drugged driving
• Inadequate training
• Following too closely
• Failure to check blind spots
• Aggressive driving
• Hours-of-service violations
• Sleep apnea

The chance of catastrophic injury when involved in a North Carolina truck crash is high. You do not want to pursue damages for this type of case without legal help.

Alamance County jury awards woman close to $2 million in damages, TheTimesNews.com, April 14, 2010

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Gastonia Pedestrian Accident Leaves Man Paralyzed with Spinal Cord Injury

April 12, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Police are trying to find the driver of a hit-and-run Gastonia car accident that left a 55-year-old man with a spinal cord injury. Jerome Crawford was crossing the street at Gaston Avenue and West Franklin Boulevard on the evening of March 27 when he was hit by a vehicle that was making a left turn from Linwood Road. He is now paralyzed.

Spinal Cord Injury Facts:
• There are almost 200,000 people with spinal cord injuries living in the US.
• About 11,000 new SCI cases occur every year.
• The number one cause of SCIs for people under age 65 is car crashes.
• Fall accidents are the number one cause of SCI’s in the older age group.

According to SCIInfoPages.com, the approximate costs of living with an SCI:
• About 140,000 for initial hospitalization costs.
• $152,000 for a first-year paraplegic.
• $417,000 for a quadriplegic during the first year.
• Average lifetime costs for paraplegics that were hurt at age 25 is $428,000.
• For quadriplegics injured at the same age, the average lifetime cost of living with this kind of SCI is $1.35 million.
• About 52% of individuals who sustained SCIs had insurance at the time they were injured.

In addition to the loss of the ability walk and/or move your upper body, an SCI can lead to spastic muscles, breathing difficulties, blood pressure problems, sexual dysfunction, heart rate problems, and digestive problems. Depending on the seriousness of a patient’s SCI, round-the-clock care may even be required.

Living with a spinal cord injury is life changing and you will likely need a lot of professional help and financial support. Obtaining financial recovery from the party liable for your spinal cord injury can help cover your medical expenses and other associated costs and losses.

Gastonia police seek help in hit and run, Charlotte Observer, April 13, 2010

Man paralyzed after being hit by car in Gastonia, WBTV, March 29, 2010

Spinal Cord Injury Information Pages

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): Fact Sheet, CDC

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Thomasville, North Carolina Car Accident Kills Husband and Wife

April 9, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Patricia Norris Lambeth, 64, and Jerry Paul Lambeth, 66, died on Saturday from injuries they sustained during a North Carolina car accident in Thomasville. The couple were riding their vehicle on NC Highway 109 and were about to turn left into the Fairgrove Box Site when they were rear-ended by another vehicle.

The Lambeths’ motor vehicle rolled over, entered into opposing traffic and was hit by another auto. Jerry was later pronounced dead at a Winston-Salem hospital while Patricia, who was thrown from the vehicle, died at the Thomasville car accident site.

North Carolina Rear-End Crashes
One of the most common kind of motor vehicle collision is the rear-end accident. Following too closely, speeding, texting, talking on the cell phone, drunk driving, failure to obey traffic signs, and drugged driving are some common causes of rear-end collisions.

In rear-end crashes involving vehicles driving at low speeds, there may be minor vehicle damage and a victim’s personal injuries may at first seem minor. However, it is not uncommon for a North Carolina rear-end accident victim’s back, neck, or head to start hurting later on. Rear-end crashes involving vehicles moving at a high speed frequently result in severe injuries and vehicle damage. Regardless, it is important that you consult with a North Carolina rear-end crash attorney as soon as possible.

Common rear-end collision injuries:
• Spinal cord injuries
• Neck injuries
• Whiplash
• Paralsyis
• Facial injuries
• Concussion
• Head trauma
• Facial injuries
• Back injuries

Three-car wreck kills two in Thomasville, The Dispatch, April 5, 2010

Missionary Couple Dies in Wreck, Fox8, April 6, 2010

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