Small North Carolina Car Crash Sparks Larger Wreck Out in Fayetteville

March 12, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

North Carolina car accidents are dynamic and unpredictable — even after they “happen.”

Case in point, consider a strange “one-two” wreck that recently shook up the small town of Fayetteville. According to WTVD, a Chrysler 300 and a government vehicle got into a minor collision. Things then took a turn for the weird, when the government worker attempted to swap insurance information. Instead of reciprocating, the Chrysler driver sped off.

Miffed and outraged, the government employee followed. The Chrysler hit a curb on Alexander Street, sending his vehicle spiraling into the parking lot of Fayetteville’s Department of Engineering and Infrastructure. According to WTVD, “It went up and over another car, ending up perched on the hood of the second vehicle. The driver then got out and ran, but was detained.”

The lessons for anyone recently injured in a North Carolina auto accident are pretty clear.

First of all, accidents are inherently unpredictable, as are drivers. As much as you wish that people would “do the right thing,” you can never predict how negligent drivers will behave or what they will say or think. The same goes for every stakeholder that you will encounter, as you go through the North Carolina accident “clean up” process. Insurance adjusters, for instance, may enter your situation with a split motive. On the one hand, many adjusters genuinely want to help and ensure fair compensation. On the other hand, adjusters work for insurance companies. These businesses may seek to minimize your claim or at least limit it.

How can you protect yourself given all the unpredictability?

One effective method is to retain an experienced North Carolina auto accident law firm, like the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo. Our team understands the common tricks and strange behavior that adjusters and negligent drivers typically use. We can effective prepare you. We have the staff, systems and legal know-how to help you to prepare a taut, legally sound, and emotionally compelling case. Find out more about what we do online, or email or call us at 1.877.529.1222 to set up your free consultation with us.


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