Quick Summary of North Carolina Car Accident News

March 7, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Although this blog is officially a North Carolina car accident blog, we do not regularly report on car wrecks in the state for a few reasons.

1.    First, if you want details on a particular accident, you’re better off going to local or national media, which pay reporters to investigate and explain the accidents.
2.    Secondly, it can be somewhat distasteful to discuss tragedies in any kind of marketing context, even if you do so with the best of intentions.
3.    Thirdly, hurt and injured people want help and insight about their problems — not more gloomy news.

All that said, it can be useful to survey what’s been happening in the local news — to that end, here are synopses of three recent NC accidents.

On January 31st, Charlotte TV reporter Caroline Vandergriff, of WSOC News 14, suffered serious injuries, after a car smashed into her at the corner of an intersection in Charlotte. According to reports, Ms. Vandergriff had been reporting on power outages, when two cars collided at Morehead Street and Kenilworth Avenue at around 9:30pm. They hit her during the spin-out. The reporter suffered serious injuries and got treated at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, out on N.C. 150 in Salisbury, five people suffered injuries when a silver Mitsubishi and red Dodge Durango collided near Patterson Road. Emergency workers took the injured people to Rowan Regional Medical Center. Disturbingly, witnesses told the Salisbury Post that accidents along that stretch of N.C. 150 “are commonplace…  It’s just way too fast through here,” Mitch Eidson said of the 55 mph speed limit. “Vehicles going off the road hit mailboxes, trees and fences,” said local resident Kellie Martin, “We have wrecks in our yard yearly.”

Lastly, 36-year-old Bambi Whicker lost her life, when her husband fell asleep behind the wheel. According to a local news report, his car ran off the road and flipped over when he tried to correct. Ms. Whicker was thrown from the vehicle. Although her husband was not seriously hurt, Ms. Whicker died later at the hospital.

These North Carolina car accidents can be really sad and disturbing to discuss, but we need to talk about them from time-to-time to highlight the diversity or crashes and to help victims understand their own problems in a broader context.

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