Four Young Adults Die in North Carolina Car Accident near Sanford

February 5, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

A shocking, sad fatal North Carolina car accident rocked the town of Sanford last Saturday, according to the State Highway Patrol.

Four young people — 31-year-old Katherine Powers, 31-year-old Aaron Powers, 33-year-old Christopher Baker, and 38-year-old Rebecca Powell — died when their vehicle lost control, hit a tree, crashed into a vacant house, and burned. According to Steven Spivey, a trooper who investigated, the crash occurred near the intersection of Dixie Farm Road and NC 421.

The driver, Powers, apparently lost control of the car while driving at a high speed. Officer Spivey said that investigators couldn’t determine whether the driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts. Roger Byrd, a neighbor, expressed his shock and dismay: “You couldn’t even tell what color car it was or nothing. It was burning… you won’t never forget it, if you see anything like that.”

Normally, this blog follows up on serious North Carolina car accident stories with some kind of analysis to help put these stories of devastation into context.

But today, let’s do something different. Let’s just reflect on the lives of those four people who died and send blessings to them and their families.

Nothing else needs to be said.


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