Finding a New Rhythm after Your North Carolina Car Accident

February 28, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

The worst thing about getting hurt in a car accident in North Carolina (or anywhere) isn’t the physical agony per se — rather, it’s the psychological uncertainty that accompanies the medical problems, financial distress, and other topsy-turviness.

You’ve lost your rhythm.

When you don’t have a steady daily rhythm, your psychological immune system struggles. Both large and small scale stresses can feel equally insurmountable: massive problems, like “how on earth am I going to pay for my medical care and hold the trucker who hit me responsible per North Carolina accident law?” cause as much stress as minor annoyances, like “how will I walk my dog now that I’m hurt?”

Seeing the uncertainty itself as the root problem

Many auto accident victims in North Carolina fail to recognize that this “lack of rhythm” constitutes a core problem–perhaps THE core problem. Instead, they focus only on going through rehab, hiring legal help, fixing up their vehicles, managing workers’ comp, and beyond. You certainly need to do all (or some) of those things. And when you complete these projects, you will reduce some factors that are stimulating uncertainty.

But don’t fool yourself! Even if you manage to get everything in your life ordered and simplified — if you batch your car accident related projects effectively — you may not get back into your rhythm for several weeks or months, at least without consciously addressing the rhythm issue specifically.

So how do you regain your rhythm, beyond doing the obvious projects that we discussed above?

One way is to impose an unnatural (but strategically conceived) schedule  and to habituate yourself to that schedule over time. Here’s a great example from the world of sleep training to prove this point. Let’s say you want to rest better and improve your energy levels. One of the best things you can do is to get up every day at the same time. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday — you never sleep in, you wake up at the exact same time every morning.

This feels unnatural and difficult at first — particularly if you’re not an early riser. But over time, this awkward and artificial structure becomes natural, and your sleep cycles tend to improve.

Likewise, you may want to create some kind of an analogously artificial (but well planned) structure to your day, in light of your current new limitations and resource challenges.

For help unpacking how to get justice and compensation after your crash, connect with the Charlotte car accident law team at DeMayo Law for a free consultation.


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