Terrifying and Bizarre North Carolina Truck Accident Leaves One Dead and Two Injured: Middle of the Night Horror on I-95

December 13, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

52-year-old Mitchell Blankenship died last week in a terrifying, middle of the night accident on I-95 that literally killed the trucker in his sleep.

This freakish North Carolina truck accident is currently under investigation. Here’s what happened, according to news sources. Blankenship had been sleeping in his cab in a rest area, when suddenly, a 2009 Toyota Corolla, driven by 25-year-old Kevin Rojas, entered the rest area, presumably at high speed, flipped over, vaulted into the air and smashed into Blankenship’s cab.

Although rescue workers managed to extract Blankenship from his vehicle, he died on the way to St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Rojas, meanwhile, along with his passenger, 25-year-old Esther Gonzales, both survived relatively unscathed. Rojas got a cut on his head, while Gonzales apparently did not even suffer cuts and bruises. The Toyota, meanwhile, was demolished. According to reports, both Rojas and Gonzales were wearing their seatbelts. Due to the extent of the damage, two different fire engines and two different ladder companies had to be called into deal with the disaster.

Normally, North Carolina truck accidents prove more destructive to cars than to trucks.

Why? Because trucks are more massive and thus capable of exerting more concentrated force during collisions. When you hit a tennis ball with a racket, the tennis ball appears to “feel it more” than the racket, because of how forces are concentrated. Likewise, in collisions between trucks and cars, the cars tend to “feel it more” for similar reasons.

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