North Carolina Auto Accident: Could Be a Forgettable Fender Bender… Then Again, Maybe Not!

July 3, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

Not all Charlotte auto accidents are “black and white,” legally speaking.

Some accidents are so severe and scary that the people involved in those crashes – or the friends and family members of loved ones killed – know that they need the services of a North Carolina auto accident law firm, like the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo.

On the other end of the spectrum, we all have had the experience of getting “slightly tapped” while trying to pull into a parking space — where only the most ridiculously litigious minded person would consider legal action.

But what about the grey areas?

What about situations that don’t seem “that bad”? Like the following:

•    Someone hit your car at a stoplight and bent your bumper a bit. Your upper back ached in the days following the accident. Could it be related to whiplash or a spinal problem caused by the accident or not? You’re not sure.

•    You got hurt in a situation that was clearly “your fault” – or it sure seemed that way. For instance, you drove off into a culvert, totaling your car and hurting yourself in the processes. But were you really totally to blame? Or did the car’s safety systems malfunction? You can’t know without doing a detailed investigation.

Resolving ambiguity – the best way

We live in an ambiguous world; and everyone’s situation is different. However, given the long-term damage that car accidents can cause – damage both to your wallet and to your body – it behooves you to be thorough and err on the side of caution when contemplating your potential legal options. The effective Charlotte car accident team here at DeMayo Law can help you explore possible strategic solutions to get you compensated.


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