North Carolina Car Crash Scam: Eight People Charged, Millions Outraged

October 13, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Authorities in Raleigh have arrested eight people in conjunction with a North Carolina car crash scam. According to State Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin, the group “staged car wrecks and then submitted bogus insurance claims” to pull in $44,000. Had authorities not thwarted scam, the group could have succeeded with claims for an additional $51,000. Authorities are still looking for two other people suspected of faking car crashes to collect insurance claims. Most of the suspects are from Raleigh, although one hails from Louisburg; all eight people are being held on various bond amounts, according to an AP report.

Obviously, conscientious citizens find this behavior despicable and scary. Who fakes car crashes to collect money? What would happen if a car crash actually injured someone – not just one of the scam artists but an innocent bystander? How common is this kind of scheme? What can people do to prevent becoming victimized by scam artists?

These are all crucial questions, and it’s easy to worry about crazy insurance scammers threatening the lives of motorists and pedestrians. But it’s important not to get distracted by these fantastical, low-probability problems — e.g., someone crashing his car into you, so he can dupe you in some elaborate insurance scam. After all, there are real road dangers out there, and your time is better spent focusing on the dangers you can control and are likely to face. For instance, as we’ve discussed before in this North Carolina car crash blog, certain times of day and holidays are far more dangerous than others. If you make a conscious effort to avoid driving on, for instance, New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday – as well as on Friday and Saturday nights – you will likely reduce your accident risks a lot more than if you fret over the nefarious doings of car crash scam artists.

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