Fatal Catawba, North Carolina County Car Accident Caused by Allegedly Drunk Driver

February 9, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Sandra Campbell, 50, died on Tuesday in a Catawba County car accident involving her vehicle and a pickup truck accident on Slanting Bridge Road. The impact of the crash was so severe that pieces of the vehicle littered the road. The driver of the pickup truck, Brian Hieb, is charged with DWI. This is the 43-year-old’s second DWI charge in six months.

It goes without saying that driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is reckless and dangerous and dramatically increases the chances of lives being lost. Our Catawba County car crash law firm has worked with many families who have lost loved ones because a motorist was drunk or drugged. The outcome is never pretty for anyone involved—including the responsible driver. Regardless of whether not the allegedly drunk driver is charged in criminal court, you may have grounds for a North Carolina wrongful death case.

In addition to the negligent driver, there may be other liable parties—depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. For example, North Carolina is one of the US states with dram shop laws, which allows bars or clubs to be held liable for serving alcohol to someone who was intoxicated that then ended up causing injury or death in a car crash or another accident. There have also been personal injury cases in this country involving government entities that were sued for allowing someone with a history of drunk driving offenses to operating a vehicle again.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina car crash lawyers know that we cannot bring your loved one back, but we can help you hold the responsible party or parties responsible.

Meantime, one mother whose daughter died in a Gaston County car accident because of a drunk driver last summer is trying to change North Carolina law. Howard Pasour was charged with second-degree murder in Laura Fortenberry’s death. Prior to the deadly traffic crash, Pasour had three prior DWI convictions. Now, Michelle Armstrong wants the state to institute “Laura’s Law,” which would enhance the punishments for DWI convictions.

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