North Carolina Auto Products Liability?: Ford Recalls Another 4.5 Million Autos Over Defective Cruise Control Switch that Poses Fire Hazard

October 14, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

Ford Motor Co. says it is recalling another 4.5 million autos to its already lengthy list of autos that need to be brought back in because of a faulty cruise control switch that could start a fire. This latest recall, the automaker’s largest single recall ever, ups the total of vehicles the carmaker has recalled in the last 10 years because of these defective switches to about 16 million autos, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Texas Instruments made the switches.

Ford vehicles affected by this recent recall include:

• Ford Excursion diesels (2002 – 2003 models)
• Ford Econolines (1992 – 2003 models)
• Ford Windstars (1995 – 2003 models)
• Ford F-Super Duty diesels (1993-1997, 1999-2003 models)
• Mercury Mountaineers and Ford Explorers (1995 – 2002 models)
• Ford F53 motor homes (1994)
• Ford Rangers (1995 – 1997, 2001-2003 models)

The defective switches have resulted in numerous fires that have led to auto products liability lawsuits and hundreds of complaints. NHTSA investigators discovered that the switches are at risk of leaking internally, overheating, and catching fire. The NHTSA also said that there have been a number of instances involving leaking fluid damaging the antilock brake control module that is charged with electrical current.

Ford is no longer using the Texas Instruments-manufactured switches. This latest recall includes the last batch of autos in use that were made to include the switches. Meantime, Texas Instruments has said that its switches exceeded the specifications that Ford requested. Texas Instruments also noted that the switch is just one part of the cruise control deactivation system.

Fires caused by defective auto parts can result in catastrophic injuries for vehicle occupants and those around them. Burn injuries are very painful and can be costly to treat. An experienced North Carolina auto products liability law firm can help you obtain your financial recovery from an auto manufacturer and other liable parties.

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