Child Passenger Safety Week Geared Toward Preventing Kid Injuries During Car Accidents

September 10, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

With 200,000 kids, 14 years of age and under, who were seriously injured in car accidents in 2007, it is no wonder that safety officials want to make sure that parents are doing everything to keep their kids safe—especially because much younger children, 7-years of age and under, need added protection to minimize risk of injury during an auto crash.

Child Passenger Safety Week runs from September 12 – 18, 2009. During this time, parents and other adults can check child safety seats for free at one of the thousands of free safety seat inspection stations in the US.

While research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the rate of child safety seat use is high—99% for babies (0-12 months), 92% for toddlers (1-3), and 89% for young kids (4-7)—these findings also reveal that 3 out of every four child safety seats are not used properly. These mistakes may affect the way the child is secured in the seat and the manner in which the restraint system is attached to the vehicle. For example, a parent might use a child restraint seat that is not appropriate for the child’s weight and age, fail to correctly install the restraint, not buckle the straps properly, or neglect to properly secure the seat belt to the child safety seat.

Injuries sustained by infants and young kids during a North Carolina car crash can be catastrophic. While properly securing a child can decrease the chances of injury during a serious motor vehicle accident, injuries may still occur if the restraint system was not used correctly, the child safety seat was defective, or the car crash was so catastrophic that injury or death was unavoidable despite all the safety precautions.

Car accidents can occur because someone was negligent or careless or reckless. Filing a Charlotte, North Carolina injuries to minor lawsuit for your son or daughter’s motor vehicle crash injuries can allow you to obtain the financial recovery that you need to pay for surgeries, hospital stays, doctor visits, rehabilitation services, and other necessary medical devices that your child might need following a car accident.

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