Whatcha Gonna Do?

August 30, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Earlier this week the artsy sector of Charlotte—NoDa looked more like the set of the hit TV show COPS after a man fled from police officers left the interstate and struck a fence.  The scene was shocking for fearful homeowners who had no clue what caused the noise and sudden blue and reds that covered the neighborhood. 

 This is just another reminder of how foolish some people can be on the roads.  These are the same roads that we travel day in and day out as we live life distantly from selfish acts.  As with any unexpected tragedy, inherent in the meaning is the unknown and unanticipated aspect of an auto accident.

These dangerous occurrences plague the headlines time and time again.  The driver, who later arrested, struck one vehicle from behind before ending the high speed chase in the quiet neighborhood.  The exact speed he was traveling at the time of impact is unknown, but officials say the speeds reached a hundred miles an hour.

The injuries this faultless victim suffered at the expense of the suspect’s reckless activity could take months if not years to overcome.  The unfortunate reality is she will be left to deal with these injuries while the suspect could be receiving three squares for a certain time and then later rock a new county issued anklet equipped with GPS and a red blink light. 

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