Supermoms Replace Kryptonite with Anxiety Pills

August 11, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Earlier this year ABC News conducted a study that found one in five mothers use anxiety medication after giving birth. That number doesn’t even include those who get a help-me-out here and there while discussing the day’s woes down at the nail parlor! The statistic is almost laughable at first glance, but given the increased expectations it makes sense.

Moms do catch so much responsibility. From keeping the refrigerator full, sports uniforms cleaned, kids to and from school, to and from activities, dinner on the table, accounting for the home, getting homework reviewed the list could continue for days. All the while—maintaining a career in a highly competitive job market.

So, why does a personal injury attorney in North Carolina care about this? Well—the supermom in the car next to you may be sipping away on a morning coffee or applying the last stroke of mascara but you don’t know what supermom had to endure to get to that point of her morning. The morning schedule rolls of the tongue like the chorus of a country song, we all have a line. The line may come for do-it-all moms early morning when she lifts her hands to her ears and mutters, “my nerves are shot!” or “just give me five minutes!” and that otherwise uncontrollable anxiety gets the help me out the doctor recommends.

Of course the bottle has warnings like “don’t operate machinery” but engraving that message on the pill itself wouldn’t stand in the way of the sanity sought. I say this to be on the lookout for odd things. If you are involved in an auto accident in North Carolina and you believe something is odd or suspicious about the other driver’s behavior make a note of that. Gone are the days where a DWI is reserved for rowdy teens boozin’ after a football game. Many people take medications and then hop behind the wheel like it’s nothing. The challenge these medications may create are sometimes unrecognizable until after an accident.

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