16-Year-Old Driver Involved in Fatal North Carolina Car Accident is Charged with Texting While Driving

March 30, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A trip to watch the Carolina basketball game on Sunday turned deadly when a car carrying Seth Hayden Beaver, 17, was involved in a North Carolina car accident. Police are investigating the deadly crash.

Police say that Taylor Clark, 16, who was driving of the car that Seth was a passenger in, has been charged with texting while driving, failing to yield, and misdemeanor of death by a motor vehicle. However, distracted driving isn’t the only possible cause of this North Carolina traffic crash. People are also saying that the intersection where it happened, on Old 87 and Fertilizer Plant Road, is confusing and that there is no warning sign to let you know when a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, it is not a rare occurrence for a North Carolina traffic collision to happen because a road was poorly designed or lacked the proper signage or traffic lights. When car crashes happen because of “road defects,” victims may have grounds to pursue a case against the government entity in charge of that road.

Texting While Driving
Another problem that in recent years has been the unnecessary cause of too many injuries and deaths on the road is text messaging while driving. As our Charlotte, North Carolina car accident lawyers have mentioned in past posts, texting while driving, which is illegal in this state, is a form of distracted driving and it increases the chances that the motorist will become involved in a traffic crash. Couple texting while driving with driver inexperience (teenagers belong to one of the age groups most likely to text a lot) and you’ve got a deadly combination. That said, texting while driving is dangerous for a driver to engage in at any age. In addition to the deadly consequences that can result, it can also lead to criminal charges for the motorist. He/she may also end up the defendant of a North Carolina car crash lawsuit seeking personal injury or wrongful death damages.

Teen driver involved in fatal accident charged for texting while driving, WECT News, March 30, 2011

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