Unrelated Charlotte, North Carolina Car Crashes into Buildings Cause Injuries

November 30, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

A store patron was injured yesterday when an SUV drove into a Family Dollar store at the Idlewild Crossing shopping center in east Charlotte. Police are trying to determine why it happened.

The Charlotte, North Carolina car accident occurred late Wednesday afternoon. One store employee described the experience of having the Chevy Blazer crash through the windows as “crazy.” The collision doesn’t appear to have caused any structural damage. However, a store patron and the SUV driver were transported to Carolinas Medical Center.

Wednesday’s Charlotte, North Carolina auto accident comes one day after another car drove into a Fatboy Platter restaurant in northwest Charlotte. Four people who were in the vehicle, two of them with serious injuries, were taken to the hospital. During the collision, the car reportedly struck a cooker in the building, which caused a gas leak.

Although crazy to imagine, the scenario of a vehicle crashing into a building and causing injury to those on the premise and in the vehicle is not an uncommon one. Common reasons why this might happen:

• Loss of control of the vehicle
• Drunk driving
• Drugged driving
• Falling asleep at the wheel
• Vehicle malfunction
• Distracted driving

In addition to injuries incurred from a collision with a motor vehicle, there also may be injuries involving shattered building windows, a gas pipe that bursts, or a building wall collapsing.

An experienced Charlotte, North Carolina motor vehicle crash law firm can determined who is responsible for the collision, exactly what happened, and whether other parties contributed to causing the accident. Attorneys can also assess the extent of your injuries and damages. While some cases are easily settled between your legal representation and the other party’s insurer, some claims can be more complex and contentious. This is another reason why it is good to have your own legal team fighting for you.

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