To Prevent North Carolina and South Carolina Motor Vehicle Crashes in Winter Weather, Our Charlotte Car Crash Lawyers Want to Remind Motorists to Drive Carefully

December 21, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

Following Friday’s winter storm, it is important that South Carolina and North Carolina motorists be extra careful when driving in such dangerous road conditions. Black ice can be found on city and county roads, as well as overpasses and bridges, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation and State Highway Patrol doesn’t expected the treacherous conditions to disappear.

Motorists cannot do anything to improve the road conditions or the weather, but they are still responsible for driving safely to and from their destinations. With such hazardous road conditions to contend with, drivers cannot afford to drive drunk, text while driving, talk on a handheld cellular device, speed, or engage in any other form of distracted driving or careless motor vehicle operation. One reckless or careless act can lead to a North Carolina car crash that can cause serious injury, perhaps even destroying someone’s life.

In the event that you or someone you love is seriously injured in a North Carolina car accident or a South Carolina motor vehicle collision, do not hesitate to contact our Charlotte, North Carolina auto crash lawyers to schedule your free consultation.

Driving Safely in Snow and Ice:

• Winterize your auto.
• When necessary, use tire chains or winter tires.
• Drive slower than you usually would and adjust your speed to the road conditions.
• Pay attention.
• When slowing down to stop or turn, do so three times earlier than your normal routine.
• Keep a safe distance with the vehicle in front of you.
• Make sure your windows are clean and clear.
• Be on the lookout for extra wet or icy patches on the road.

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