Minivan Tire Blowout Kills Six People and Injures 9 in Rollover Accident

December 2, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

A deadly tire blowout on Saturday caused the driver to lose control of a minivan which rolled over a number of times, ejecting 13 kids from the motor vehicle. All 13 minors were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the car crash. Two adults who were wearing safety belts were in the car with them.

Killed in the rollover accident were 38-year-old Mona Hines and 14-year-old Ashley Hines, 14-year-old Edward Barnes, 12-year-od Lachante Floyd, 12-year-old Ariel Hines, and 2-year-old Ricky Hines Jr. The 8 other kids were also hurt in the car crash, six of them with serious injuries. 28-year-old Stacy Hines was also injured. All of the car accident victims are related.

Tire Blowouts
Tire blowouts can lead to catastrophic car accidents. They can cause a tire to lose control of the vehicle, which can cause a driver to go off the road or roll over.

While it is important that a motorist make sure that tires are properly maintained, there are certain tire defects that a car maker or tire manufacturer can be held liable for if personal injuries or wrongful death result.

Examples of Tire Defects:

Tread separation: Tire plies that separate can potentially cause a blowout. Poor bonding of tire parts, poor quality control measures, or use of poor quality solvents during the manufacture process can cause this dangerous defect.

Multi-piece rim explosions: Can be avoided by using single piece wheels instead.

Sidewall zipper failures: Faulty design or manufacture can lead to sidewall zipper failures that can cause a blowout.

High-speed spin-off-failure: When one back wheel isn’t moving while the other one spins out of control. Caused by design defect.

The National Highway Traffic Administration says that about 8,000 car crashes a year resulting in deaths or serious injury are caused by tire failure.

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