Insurance Adjuster–Your new BFF

June 21, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

One of the first things I hear out of a prospective client’s mouth is that the insurance adjuster has already contacted them about an auto accident.  Right after that accident, in the most distasteful scenarios, an insurance adjuster may visit you in a hospital–and I promise you–they’re not bringing flowers.  It seems like news of your accident gets to the adjuster faster than news of three-legged calf travels in Waxhaw, but I guarantee you it’s because the adjuster wants to make sure you’re doing okay.  Okay–well maybe, but only as news of your health matters to the company’s bottom line.  Insurance adjusters need to get information about your condition as quickly as possible to do a few things. 

Obviously, they need to know what the company is facing as far as possible payouts, but also, to get information about your condition in an effort to cut off future liability.  Right after an accident, you’re still in shock, living on adrenaline, and unsure of all injuries from the accident. 

If you give a statement to the adjuster that your pain is only in your neck, but three days after the accident the pain shifts to your back–which is not at all uncommon–the insurance adjuster can point to your statement to show that the back pain is not from the incident.  Is it fair?  No, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  Why else would an adjuster be prepared to talk with you at the drop of a hat when you’re not even their client. 

Have you ever tried to contact an adjuster? So you know that urgency is not their thing.  Make sure you protect yourself.  Recognize that the insurance adjuster is not your friend.  You need to make sure that you are protected.  Check out our website and pay close attention to testimonials and insurance adjusters to find out how we’ve helped people avoid the headache that is life after an auto accident. If you’re like me and just wanna talk to someone, give us a call at 704-333-1000.


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