Could North Carolina Interstates Become Raceways?

June 24, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

The North Carolina Legislature is considering a bill that make speed limits on many roadways throughout North Carolina 75 miles per hour versus the current 65 limit.  This is certainly a topic to get people up and arms about driver safety on the roads often traveled.

You’ve heard old adage, “Opinions…everybody’s got ’em.” Well, it makes sense with an issue like this.  Lead foots love the idea, parents of young children are somewhat skiddish about it because of safety concerns from the lead foots.  Gas station operators love it because higher speeds mean that vehicles burn more fuel and more frequent fill up is required.  Business owners on alternate roads such as Providence, Tryon, and Lawyers Road don’t like it, because it encourages people to travel the interstate and use the alternate routes less which means less foot traffic in their businesses. 

As the North Carolina Department of Transportation investigates the data on higher speed limits and driver safety we will learn more about the pros and cons from a safety standpoint.  Could it cause more congestion because of more auto accidents on the roads?  Could it free up the interstate for less smaller commute times because the interstate becomes a “get on and get off” option?  I have heard good arguments from each side.  Surprisingly, I have heard that there may be fewer accidents because people are on the road less and a higher speed naturally causes people to pay closer attention while on the road. 

As one of the largest and most renowned personal injury law firms, the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo will be paying close attention to the status of this legislation. Particularly, aspects of it we will watch is legislation regarding tractor-trailers on the road, the likelihood of fewer accidenets, with an increase of higher fatalities from higher impact auto accidents when they do occur, and additional safety measures that may need to be implemented to ensure safety on the roads.  If you have thoughts or concerns as it relates to your auto accident give us a call at 704-333-1000 or check out our website. 


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