Managing the Diverse Projects on Your Plate Caused By Your Charlotte Auto Accident

January 8, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

A Charlotte auto accident has thrown your world into total disarray.

Not only do you need help with “nuts and bolts” issues, like seeking compensation from an insurance company or making sure “justice gets done” in your case, but you also want to identify and start to deal with problems kicked up in your financial, personal, and emotional life.

Here’s a method for how to start to get a handle on what’s been bothering you.

Step one involves simply clearing your head of all the “stuff” that you’re thinking about.

Our brains are very good at making intuitive connections between things but very bad at organizing information and feeding back the “stuff” we need to know it, when we need to know it. We don’t remember to get dog food when we’re at Petco but rather when we’re in the cab on the way to the airport!

Our minds operate chaotically. Rather than try to fight that instinct, aim to work with it. Dump the random your content that your mind generates onto an external format that you can review — such as a word document or notepad. Once you’ve dumped all the information out onto paper (or a word processor), you will immediately feel a surge of clarity and calm.

When you’re in the thick of a mental fog, you can feel like you have an infinite number of concerns on your plate. When you write everything down, you’ll see that your concerns are actually far more limited.

Next step: systematically process your stuff, and figure out what you’re going to do about each item, one at a time. You don’t need to finish each line item — you simply need to connect each item with a finish line and figure out the next action to take for that item.

Let’s say you have the following line item: “get finances in order after accident.” What, precisely, you would like to see happen with respect to your finances? Do you want to refill your emergency fund by a certain date? Do you want to pay off credit card bills or deal with creditors? Get clear about what you want, and then think about the very next step that you will need to do to start to make that a reality. For instance, your next step might be to call your broker.

Get all your thoughts out of your head, and attach outcomes and “next steps” to all those items. You’ll feel much clearer about how to handle the aftermath of your Charlotte auto accident.

For help with the legal end, please consider getting in touch with the team here at the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo for an astute and insightful free consultation about your case.


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