Did the Other Driver’s Abnormal Blood Sugars Cause Your North Carolina Truck Accident?

January 1, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Rates of obesity and type II diabetes are skyrocketing across the nation, so it may be time for us to have a collective conversation about the relationship among diabetes, blood sugar, and truck accidents in North Carolina.

How many accidents are caused or worsened by people’s blood sugar problems?

Your blood sugar can fluctuate due to hormonal problems, too much sugar/dietary carbohydrate, your energy level, and mood. These shifts impact your ability to concentrate. A trucker, for instance, who slams down a bunch of caffeinated sugary Red Bulls might experience a “high” for a few hours and might then feel a “crash” once the effects of the caffeine and the sugar surge wear off. Moreover, other “stuff” can also influence the trucker’s blood sugar levels — the amount and quality of sleep, amount and quality of sunlight exposure, medications, food allergies, and on and on. These effects will also, in turn, depend on the person’s dietary history, metabolic condition, and so forth.

All that said, it stands to reason that blood sugar issues might certainly play a role in many truck accidents. When your glucose levels drop, and you feel exhausted and unable to concentrate, your reaction time undoubtedly suffers. The different between a “near miss” and a fatal Charlotte truck accident may be just milliseconds. Thus, a low energy, metabolically-impaired trucker certainly must be more dangerous than a trucker with normal, stable blood glucose levels.

What if the trucker who hit you was negligent, careless, or otherwise compromised?

Police typically don’t test drivers’ blood glucose levels, so it can be hard to show that metabolic issues contributed to a crash.

The team here at the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo is famous for investigating accident causes thoroughly, efficiently, and ethically. We can help you figure out what might have caused your crash and what you might be able to do to get fairly compensated for what you’ve gone through.


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