Reconstructing Your North Carolina Car Accident

September 11, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

How exactly did your North Carolina car accident happen?

Whether it occurred hours ago or days ago, you may have sense memories of the experience. You certainly probably were emotionally and physically rocked by what happened. To recover damages from the driver who hit you (or from a liable insurance company), you likely need to begin to build a case. That means you likely want to document what happened and assemble/collect/preserve potential evidence.

Meaningful documents might include:

•    the hospital report/physician’s analysis;
•    the police report from the scene of the accident;
•    witness statements;
•    contact info and phone numbers;
•    journal entries of your own personal experience.

Understand that the human memory has a profound tendency to color and change. When an event is emotionally or physically charged – such as a Charlotte auto accident – you are particularly susceptible to subconscious rewrite history.

This is true not just for you, but for anyone who witnessed the accident, including the police officer/officers who investigated!

To deal with this problem, collect multiple angles. Different perspectives help. Here’s an analogy to help you understand why. Imagine you’re trying to illuminate a large, strange, dark object using just flashlights. A single flashlight beam might not show the whole “thing” that you are looking at, but multiple flashlight beams pointed at the same object will give you a far better ability to resolve the “truth” about what it is. Likewise, your accident was likely multifaceted and complicated, even if it just involved your car and another vehicle. Thus, the more diverse perspectives you can get, the more compelling your case will be.

That may all sound a little abstract. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the investigation on your own. But don’t wait too much longer. Witness accounts, like milk, can spoil over time; and evidence from the scene might be lost. Get in touch with the team at the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo today to make needed progress.


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