Off-Duty Officer Shoots at Hit and Run SUV, After North Carolina Car Accident

October 10, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

WSOC TV is reporting that an off-duty officer shot at an SUV that hit his car and then left the scene of the North Carolina car accident. According to the Channel 9 report, Terry McConico was driving with his wife, when a gray SUV rammed their vehicle. A witness saw McConico hop out of his car, piping mad. He hollered at the SUV, which then “backed up and took off.” McConico was not deterred. He ran after the car, yelling at the driver to stop. When the SUV continued full throttle, McConico whipped out his gun and shot at the car twice.

Police officers who investigated have not determined whether McConico made any direct hits on the SUV (or on the men inside it). McConico did have a permit to carry concealed gun, but Channel 9 witnessed detectives giving McConico a pat down and putting him into a patrol car. Witnesses had some sympathy for McConico. Who wouldn’t become enraged after being wacked out of the blue by an SUV? What victim of a hit and run wouldn’t be mad?

Still, witnesses found his decision to fire at the vehicle dubious. One witness, Jeff Buder, told WSCO TV News “we are out here, he is out here… firing bullets in the air.” Another construction worker, who did not provide his name, echoed those sentiments: “he didn’t have to do that.”

So what is an appropriate way to deal with a hit and run accident?

The answer is simple: Leverage resources like the police and a North Carolina car crash law firm to help you get justice, apprehend the hit and run driver, collect compensation, and stay within the bounds of the law.

Don’t lose your temper and shoot guns at other drivers or pick fights with them. Instead, be mindful and assertive but above all legal in the actions you take. Then immediately get the help you need to resolve the situation, get compensated, and see that justice is done.

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