Three Generations Killed in an Unbearably Sad North Carolina Car Accident

August 29, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A North Carolina car crash took the lives of three family members, including 71-year-old grandmother, Rosa Marte; Angela Marte, her 46-year-old daughter; and Rosanny Marte, Rosa’s 22-year-old granddaughter.

The three women were killed east of Raleigh on Interstate 95 after the family SUV lost control and overturned. Investigators found that the SUV had blown a tire. According to one report, state troopers said that a witness had seen the SUV swerving in and out of traffic prior to the tire blowout. North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Lee Cox reported how the accident happened in vivid detail: “She ran off the left side of the road, traveled back across the Interstate, ran off the right side in the emergency strip. And the vehicle, she overcorrected at that point and the vehicle began to overturn.”

The women who died had not been wearing seatbelts. Cox suggested that their chances for survival would have been greater had they been wearing seatbelts. There were five other family members in the car who all survived and were expected to recover from their injuries. Investigators did not think that alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash, and, as we noted above, the initial report suggested that the culprit was the blown out tire.

Any accident that takes three members of a loving family while they were returning from vacationing in Disney World is a tragedy beyond human measure. How can the family ever be fully “compensated” for that kind of loss? But, hopefully, other drivers and North Carolinian policymakers can learn from tragedies like this to improve road safety and driver’s education, and to prevent similar future tragedies from unfolding.

In other words, let’s memorialize these women’s lives by focusing on positive actions that we can take in the real world to make people’s life safer, better, and happier. According to reports, Rosanny Marte was active in the Jehovah’s Witness Church, and, likely, she spent a lot of time devoted to the pursuit of spiritual truths and betterment of the people and the planet. So all of us in the blogging community – and in the media, both mainstream and not mainstream – can play a role in helping to engage in productive conversation about the root causes of North Carolina car accidents – and what can be done to prevent them and/or make reduce their impact.

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