Rider Killed in Mint Hill, North Carolina Motorcycle Accident

January 22, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Motorcyclist Richard Cullinan was killed in a Mint Hill, North Carolina traffic accident on Thursday. Police say that the 41-year-old motorcyclist was approaching the Evans Road intersection on NC 51 when a Ford Windstar van pulled into his path in an attempt to turn left. Cullinan, who lost control of his bike, was thrown into the air before crashing into a Jeep Cherokee. He was pronounced dead at the Mint Hill motorcycle crash site.

Speed doesn’t appear to be a cause of the crash, but the authorities are continuing to investigate what happened. Depending on the evidence, criminal charges may be filed against at least one of the drivers. That said, regardless of whether a criminal case is pursued, Cullinan’s loved ones may have grounds for filing a Mecklenburg County wrongful death case against any responsible parties.

North Carolina Motorcycle Accidents
Although North Carolina traffic laws mandate that motorists and motorcyclists share the road safely with each other, this is not always the case, and it is usually the rider who sustains the more devastating injuries. Granted, the state requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet, but sometimes the impact of landing on the road or into a concrete wall or colliding with a tractor-trailer or another vehicle can be too much for any protective gear to withstand.

To prove liability, an intensive investigation will have to be conducted and questions such as who was at fault in causing the crash, what were the road and traffic conditions at the time, who had the right of way, was anyone driving under the influence, were traffic rules disobeyed, and were their any vehicle defects involved may need to be asked and answered.
Mint Hill man dies in motorcycle wreck, WBTV, January 21, 2011

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