Charlotte, North Carolina Driver Charged in Monroe Bicycle Accident that Killed Rider

January 28, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A Charlotte man is charged in the deadly hit-and-run Monroe bicycle accident that killed Roy Dean Mittelsteadt last night. A passing motorist saw the 46-year-old cyclist on the side of Rocky River Road and notified police.

An alert was put out in the area and a Wingate officer later spotted a Honda Element with “massive front end damage.” Its driver, Stephen Lance Helms, is charged with second-degree murder and DWI. More charges are pending.

Hit-and-run driving is against the law and is an act that can definitely place the defendant of a North Carolina car accident lawsuit at a disadvantage when it comes to determining negligence. All motorists are supposed to stay at a crash site when an injury is involved. When that driver caused the accident by driving recklessly and then fleeing the scene without reporting the accident or getting help for the injured party, he or she may end up owing significant damages to a crash victim that has suffered serious injuries.

For a bicycle accident victim, working with an experienced Monroe, North Carolina car crash law firm can increase your chances (and the amount) of your recovery. Your Monroe injury law firm should know how to gather evidence, assess the extent of your injuries and their resulting costs, interview witnesses, and hire the right experts to prove your case. Also, because North Carolina is a state with a contributory negligence law, if a victim is found to be even 1% at fault for causing the injury accident, he or she cannot get any compensation from the other party—even if that person or entity is 99% responsible for the crash. This is yet another reason to make sure your case is being handled by experienced Monroe traffic accident lawyers.

Charlotte man charged in hit-and-run that killed bicyclist, Charlotte Observer, January 28, 2011

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