Safe Driving in Ice, Rain, and Snow May Prevent Charlotte, North Carolina Car Accidents

December 18, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

During this time of year, poor weather conditions can make the roads dangerous for motorists, which is why it is even more important than ever that drivers operate their vehicles safely. Driver inattention, speeding, drunk driving, drugged driving, and distracted driving can be deadly especially when there is rain, ice, or snow on the roads.

To avoid becoming involved in a Charlotte, North Carolina car crash, truck collision, motorcycle accident, or bus collision, here are some winter safe driving tips:

• Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you don’t have to rush.
• Wait until sanding trucks and snow plows have done their jobs before getting on the road.
• Make sure that your vehicle is properly maintained and ready to tackle the road conditions.
• Drive at a slower speed when the weather conditions are rough.
• Brake gently to decrease the chances of skidding.
• Activate your lights so other motorists can see you.
• Don’t use cruise control when driving on icy roads.
• Try not to pass sanding trucks and snow plows whose drivers likely have limited visibility.
• Make sure that your windows and lights are cleared of ice and snow before driving.
• Pay attention to the road conditions and traffic.

Even if weather conditions are not ideal, it is still a driver’s responsibility to operate a vehicle safely. Careless, negligent, or reckless driving can cause catastrophic Monroe, North Carolina car wrecks that may leave victims with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, internal injuries, back injuries, broken bones, and head injuries. Thousands of people are killed in US motor vehicle wrecks annually.

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