North Carolina Auto Products Liability?: NHTSA Reports 16.4 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2009

January 13, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

The National Highway Safety Administration is reporting that auto manufacturers recalled 16.4 million motor vehicles last year—that’s 6 million more autos recalled than in 2008. Granted, the 492 vehicle recalls of 2009 is less than the number of vehicles recalled in 2007 and 2008, respectively, but significantly large campaigns by Ford Motor Co. and Toyota resulted in an increase in the total number of vehicles recalled for the year.

With 9 recalls involving 4.87 million autos, Toyota led the list as the auto manufacturer with the most recalls for 2009. This included the recall of at least 3.8 million vehicles after four people were killed when the floor mat on the driver’s side jammed the gas pedal, making it impossible for him stop the vehicle as it accelerated to speeds of over 100 mph before crashing.

Other large vehicle recalls of 2009:

• Ford Motor Co. announced 8 recalls involving 4.5 million motor vehicles. The car maker recalled just 1.5 million autos in 2008.

• General Motors. Co. recalled 2.2 million autos during 16 campaigns.

• Nissan Motor. Co. recalled 706,000 autos during 7 campaigns.

• Chrysler Group LLC recalled almost 590,000 autos during 15 campaigns.

• Honda announced 4 recall campaigns involving 454,000 motor vehicles.

• Hyundai Motor Co. recalled 1.3 million autos during 8 campaigns.

• Volkswagen AG recalled 100,000 autos during 8 campaigns.

Auto defects can prove dangerous for vehicle occupants and others on the road. Poorly designed seat belts, faulty seat backs, engine defects, accelerator defects, defective tires, poorly designed roofs, airbag defects, and defective brakes are just some of the many reasons why an automaker might decide to recall a particular make and model. Unfortunately, North Carolina personal injuries and wrongful deaths may already have occurred before the defective part is identified and the recall is announced.

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