Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day, Even After a North Carolina Auto Accident

February 12, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

You or your honey got hurt in an auto accident in North Carolina. You are both still reeling from the physical, financial, and emotional chaos that the accident kicked up.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you probably haven’t spent much time planning a romantic meal or purchasing flowers because you’ve been so caught up researching North Carolina car accident lawyers, fending off insurance adjusters and catching up on lost sleep.

Quite frankly, the last thing on your mind is to do something hokey and sappy. You’re dealing with serious essentials here. But hold on a minute. During times of great personal crisis, like after a Charlotte auto accident, you need hope, levity, laughter, and love more than ever. Even if your honey (or you) cannot go out for a romantic dinner or riverside gondola ride or whatever, find creative ways to inject romance into the recuperation. Here are a few ideas…

1) Write a good old fashioned love letter.

In today’s Twitter-and-Facebook obsessed world, most of us rarely take the time to write letters. Break that pattern in a wonderful way. If your beloved is in the hospital, pour your heart onto the page for him/her. You don’t need to pen flowery poetry. Just be sincere and share some of your thoughts and feelings — even if they are not “Romantic with a capital R” in nature.

2) Plan a fun/romantic date, despite your physical and other limitations.

If your boyfriend is in the hospital, and he’s a big video game fan, maybe you could dress up as Mario from Mario Kart and surprise him and make him laugh. That’s a bad example, in that it’s not a “romantic gesture” per se. But the point is hopefully clear: get creative!

3) Take action together to resolve the injury case.

You might do research and create a short list of North Carolina car accident law firms for him or her, for instance. Or do some other logistical chore to make his or her life easier/simpler.

The point is that the time to be romantic is now, so don’t be afraid to get creative!


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