Crushed by Colossus: Part IV – How Auto Accident Victims in North Carolina Can Shield Themselves from Being Low-Balled By Insurance Companies

December 6, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

In this final piece on our in-depth analysis of the recent exposé about Allstate’s Colossus program, we’ll provide practical advice for Charlotte auto accident victims about how to guard against shady insurance practices and maximize your chances for certainty and peace of mind with respect to your claim.

Tip #1. Be very, very, very careful about what you say to an insurance adjuster, even if the person sounds friendly and reassuring.

It’s really a shame. Back in the day, insurance adjusters, by and large, could be trusted to help people regain balance after disasters. That’s why many adjusters entered the insurance industry: to help the needy and unfortunate. There are certainly still plenty of good people in the field – people who genuinely want to help and who often go out of their way to do so. However, given the new realities of the insurance industry, victims simply cannot blindly trust.

Tip #2. Understand that even trifling comments can be thrown back at you, weeks or months later, and used to deny your North Carolina auto accident claim.

For instance, an adjuster may ask you how you’re feeling. You may, unthinkingly, blurt out “I’m feeling better, thanks.” In your mind, perhaps you were a 9/10 on a pain scale a few days ago. Now, you’re a 7/10 on that same pain scale. So you have improved. You are, technically, “feeling better.” But you’re still incredibly hurt!

But if you tell the adjuster that you feel “better,” those words could be twisted to suggest that you recovered completely and suffered no long term effects. That sounds like a stretch, but stuff like that actually happens.

Tip #3. Insurers have stockpiled an arsenal of battle-tested psychological and logistical tactics to lower your claim.

As the article on Colossus makes abundantly clear, insurance companies have invested dozens of years and millions of dollars’ worth of research to understand claimant behavior and minimize payouts. The insurer may give you a low-ball offer and warn that, if you don’t take it, then you’ll get nothing. Alternatively, the company might stall and delay to get you to capitulate.

Tip #4. Your most powerful ally in the fight for fairness is a thorough, prepared, and ethical North Carolina law firm.

We here at DeMayo Law are fired up to protect the interests and needs of claimants like you. We know you loathe even the idea of getting involved in “legal drama” or “insurance drama.” You just want your situation to resolve simply and rapidly, so you can focus on your family, on healing, and on picking up the pieces of your life.

We can help you. Get in touch with us now for a free and fair consultation.


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