Charlotte Car Accidents: Drivers Likely to Be Involved in Motor Vehicle Crashes Every Eight Years

July 14, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

According to Allstate, the average Charlotte motorist will likely be involved in a North Carolina motor vehicle crash once every eight years. Possible reasons why Charlotte car accidents happen are speeding and driver error.

On a positive note, the number of Charlotte, North Carolina car crashes that do occur seems to be going down. According to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, there have been 17 Charlotte traffic deaths so far this year, which is a lot less than the number of traffic fatalities in 2008. Still, Charlotte ranked as the least safe driving city in North Carolina.

Allstate says Winston-Salem ranked as the safest North Carolina city with drivers likely be involved in a car crash once every 11 years. While Cary drivers are said to be the best motorists in the Triangle. The chances of a Cary car crash happening was 5.6% lower than the national average, with the average motorist only becoming involved in a motor vehicle crash every 10.6 years—making Cary the 33rd safest place to drive in the country.

Durham ranked number 52 on this list—with motorists going 10.1 years between Durham traffic collisions. Meantime, the chances of becoming involved in a Raleigh car collision was 7.1% lower than the national average—with one motor vehicle crash every 9.3 years.

These North Carolina car accident statistics are an important reminder for why it is so important that all motorists drive defensively to protect themselves so that they don’t become involved in a motor vehicle car crash. Yet, driver error and negligence continue to be common causes of traffic accidents despite many motorists’ efforts to protect themselves from personal injury.

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